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Development Updated No. 3

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  • Development Updated No. 3

    Massive level changes in coming!

    Dev: "So how are you getting on with the game?"
    Player A: "Ehh... still stuck on Tutorial world..."
    Player B: "I seem to die a lot- like a lot!"
    Dev: ...

    What started out with noble intentions, to give players a sense of accomplishment by overcoming the difficulty, has morphed into a sense of castigation. We are big enough to admit when we are wrong. In this case very wrong... We are sorry. We took the difficulty a bit far.

    Nonetheless, we'd like to thank everyone for the feedback. As always we welcome all feedback. This month we are dedicating a large portion of development time to changing the way levels are laid out.

    While I can't reveal all the details, I can give you a brief overview:
    • Players will be in a lot more control of the difficulty. The really hard sections will become optional.
    • Taking on the higher difficulty challenges will yield high rewards.
    • Players will no longer be stuck completing one level at a time. Completing early levels in one World will allow players to go to other Worlds.
    When will it be available?
    The new level designs will go live at the end of October.

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