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Development Updated No. 2

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  • Development Updated No. 2

    Dev update 1 - Improve the tutorial system for new users.

    How did you do?
    The short story - Eureka!
    • We now have tutorial animations (with text) to explain the basic mechanics.
    • We didn't stop there, we revamped the first 3 levels of the tutorial.
    • The 3 new tutorial levels teach players how to: jump, swing and power-up.
    The result is a much more pleasant experience for new users.

    Thank you so much to all those lovely people that gave us feedback. Couldn't have done it without you.

    When is it available?
    Android: Saturday 24th Sept
    iOS: Sometime mid-week 26th - 30th Sept. We have to wait for Apple to approve.

    Play Adventure Dogs today!
    #iOS -
    #Android -

    Click image for larger version

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