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Development Updated No. 1

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  • Development Updated No. 1

    Welcome everyone!

    This is the first of our weekly developer updates. I thought it would be good for the players to know what we are doing behind the scenes. I'll try to keep it short and sharp.

    In the long term, we are working hard to create fun new content such as; new planets, new mechanics, new characters ... However this week we are addressing the short term. Quite frankly, we haven't done a good job of easing players into the game.

    I am of course referring to the game tutorial. While we do take the stance that players are smart and don't require handholding, I think some basic explanations are in order. Like one of our testers said: Players are smart, not telepathic.
    • The main issue arose from us not telling players, there is two types of jumps; Short jump and Big jump. This meant players were simply unaware. Our fault. Young and learning.
    • Players were getting frustrated as no obvious solution to the challenges were presented.
    • Solution - Visual and text explanations on tutorial levels showing players basic controls.
    A part of this update can be seen on the Android build already. The iOS update should be out soon. Waiting for Apple to approve.

    We will be keeping an eye out on the tutorial levels along the development process and making changes as needed. We want you to have a great gaming experience.

    As always player feedback and bug reporting is always welcome.

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